I AM Has Given You the Keys

The Keys to the Kingdom are given in the a place where this much idol worship of all kinds of gods – emphasis on the little g. In Matthew Chapter 16, Jesus asked Peter a question that He had not asked until this particular time in this particular setting. The question, Whom do you say […]

Transformed! Change Your Mindset

Transform: Change Your Mindset If what you have been receiving does not transform you, then what you are receiving is simply religion. In order for there to be change it has to start in your thinking. Some people are going the wrong way because they are thinking the wrong way. You only change when you […]

The Kingdom Within

Sometimes the things we make Heaven and Hell issues are KINGDOM issues. We keep trying to get out of here when Jesus said pray that the KINGDOM invades the earth. Well The KINGDOM has already come it’s RIGHTEOUNESS PEACE AND JOY IN THE HOLY GHOST. IT’S WITHIN YOU! Matthew 10:7, Matthew 5:3-20 Luke 12: 31-32, […]

Apostolic Pattern! The Heart of a Father

Where is the apostolic pattern in the Church? We produce programs and numbers, but not Sons and Daughters. Our enormous numerical growth (Mega Churches) if you will, is dwarfed by the power of 120 men and women in an upper room. An outpost for the Kingdom started in an upper room, and out of the […]